Pro Avionics - Projects:

Electric Propulsion

Apr 2019 - Present
Experimental electric propulsion aircraft
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Bristell B23

Apr 2019 - Present
EASA Type Certification
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Jan 2019 – Present
Development of an Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) based on the Tecnam P2006T aircraft, MTOW 1230 kg
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Radar Introductory Course

Jul 2018 – Present
Consultant for Radar Introductory Course to NATO AWACS


Jun 2018 – Present
This change certifies the installation of three different configurations of laser scanners in a Cessna 206H, T206H. Each configuration includes a laser-scanning system for LIDAR operation. Configuration 1 and configuration 2 includes a non-eye safe laser scanner.

Review Process

Jun 2018 – Present
Support and Reviewer Consultant for Volocopter

FIKI – Certification

October 2017 – April 2018
DE/CVE Support
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AW109 Mission Configuration

October 2017 – February 2018
CVE Support for Design and CRI F-01

TCAS II - Vulcanair P68R

September 2017 – April 2018
DE/CVE Support
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Upgrade to INCAS Airborne Scientific Mission System

Jul 2017
Power Distribution System changed to Solid-State technology. Adding Environmental Control System for LIDAR Pod. Complete redesign of wiring.

Digital Flight Data Recorder System

2017 – 2017
Installation of L-3 Communications F-1000 Digital Flight Data Recorder System.

CS-23 Aircraft

Mar 2014 – Feb 2017
CS-23 ISR Aircraft

CS-23 Aircraft

Jun 2016 – Oct 2016
CS-23 Special Mission Project

RadAlt ALT-4000

Feb 2014 – Feb 2014
Installation of Rockwell Collins ALT-4000 Radar Altimeter (Replacement for ALT-55B) with provisions to a Garmin GTN 750.
Learjet 35

Weather Radar RDR-2000

Jan 2014 – Feb 2014
Installation of Honeywell RDR 2000 Color Weather Radar (Replacement for Primus) with connection to a Garmin GTN 750.
Learjet 35

ARINC429 Data Recorder

Apr 2013 – Jun 2013
Installation of an ARINC429 Recorder. Interfaced to Primary Flight Display and Control Display Unit.

VIP Cabin Modification

Jun 2013 – Jun 2013
Installation of an custom made VIP Inflight Entertainment System and Galley Installations/Modifications (Microwave, Oven) into a 727-200 VIP section.

Hawkeye Cloud Particle Probe

Aug 2012 – Feb 2013
Installation of a cloud particle probe on a KingAir C90.
Including data processing unit and connection panel including fiber optic connection from the probe through the interconnection panel to the data processing unit.

Flight Inspection System

Jan 2012 – Jan 2013
Installation of an UNIFIS3000 into a KingAir350 including support to main structure repairs (frames and stringers).


Nov 2012 – Jan 2013
Adding BARO V-NAV capability to Autopilot (Collins ProLine II)


Oct 2010 – Nov 2011
Implementation of TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) to the DRF EMS helicopter fleet and Federal Police.
BK117 B2/C1/C2, EC 135, EC155

BK117-C1 Remodification

Sep 2010 – Sep 2011

Modification of a BK117-C1 to DRF Standard. Responsible for:
- Modification of DC-Distribution including redesign of the CB-Panel
- Intercom-system DVCS 6100
- New layout of the middle console and Aft avionic bay
- TETRA installation